Suppliers Supporting NC School and Summer Nutrition

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) and the Carolina Hunger Initiative are collaborating to identify additional potential suppliers that operators (approved sponsors) of USDA Summer Nutrition Programs (SNP) can work with to ensure no child goes hungry while school is out.

In these unprecedented times, we want to work as a community to ensure children receive nourishing meals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our school districts and community sponsors for Summer Nutrition Programs may experience issues with sourcing from traditional suppliers or vendors the food, non-food products, and equipment needed to sustain meal service for children during school closures.

To assist our school district and community sponsors, NCDPI aims to collect information on additional potential suppliers who can sell needed products (i.e., food, to-go containers, bags and boxes, personal protective equipment, food packaging, transport or delivery equipment, etc.) for meal service.

Get Started

If your company is interested in serving as a supplier for NC Summer Nutrition Programs, please take the following next steps:

  • View the recorded webinar for suppliers held on May 15 if you were not able to participate live. Find the recording here and the slides here.
  • Complete the online survey to provide information regarding your company – who and where you are, how to best contact you, what products you sell, what delivery options you can provide and what your payment terms and conditions are.
  • Your information will then be included in NCDPI’s online secure database of potential suppliers as a resource for SNP operators. The database of responses will be shared with school districts and community sponsors starting at 2 pm on May 20. The survey will remain open to continue to collect information on additional potential suppliers.
  • Please wait to hear from a school district or community sponsor before reaching out to follow up regarding your survey submission. School districts and community sponsors will reach out to potential suppliers as needed.

We look forward to receiving your survey responses. Information about NC Summer Nutrition Programs and School Nutrition Programs is available on the NCDPI School Nutrition website. If you have questions or need further information, please email or

More Information

Find more information and resources on this program at the NCDPI School Nutrition website.