Nutrition Education

Carolina Hunger Initiative’s nutrition education tools are a robust and growing resource for children, families, teachers, and nutrition professionals.

Nutrition Education helps children and families learn to make healthy food choices. Incorporating nutrition education into Federal Child Nutrition Program sites can also help to promote the healthy foods being serviced. Consider incorporating nutrition education into your School Breakfast, School Lunch, Summer Meals, or Child and Adult Care Food Program sites!

Not sure where to start? Choose your favorite fruit or vegetable from the Harvest of the Month series and see what recipes, activities, handouts, videos, or games are available.

And don’t forget to check out our free, online Cooking Matters classes.

Harvest of the Month Series

Highlighting seasonal produce items through online games, recipe videos, activity sheets, and educational handouts.

Free Virtual Nutrition Classes

The Cooking Matters program shares information about buying healthy, affordable foods that families can prepare and eat together at home.

Nutrition Newsletter

Receive monthly updates with seasonal recipes, healthy eating tips, and new opportunities from the Carolina Hunger Initiative.

New and Favorite Recipes

Our intern team is creating recipe videos to show you how to make healthy, affordable meals at home — including some of their own favorites!

Eating the Rainbow Lesson

This lesson encourages kids to eat a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables each day. Includes a video, activity sheet, and parent brochure.

Nutrition Books

From learning about new fruits and vegetables to the science behind the food we need, these original books offer deep dives into nutrition and cooking.

MyPlate Education Resources

Recipes and educational handouts based on the USDA MyPlate’s 5 food groups: fruit, vegetables, protein, grains, and dairy.

Online Games

Let’s make learning fun with these original online games, each focused on a new nutrition lesson.

More Resources

Additional resources about gardening, meal planning, budgeting while grocery shopping, and more.

From Our Partners

Find more great nutrition education resources across the web.

All Videos

From cooking demos to nutrition lessons, learn where to find all of our videos.

All Recipes

Looking to cook or teach a meal? Learn where to find all of our recipes.